Thursday, January 30, 2020

Haunted House Essay Example for Free

Haunted House Essay â€Å"Come on you big baby† my friend Ron said. It was Friday the 13th and we were at a real life haunted house. It wasn’t one of those haunted houses they put together for Halloween; it was a real life haunted house. Let me start at the beginning. It was Thursday the 12th and me and a couple of my friends decided we were going to go for a walk down the scariest street in the neighborhood, the town, and maybe even the world. Rumor had it that more than 50% of the houses had murders occur in them. We wanted to check out the Cortez house where a family of 15 had their parents go crazy and started hitting their children from the age of five to the age of 19. â€Å"I dare Shawn, Austin, and Kate to spend the night in the Cortez house† Ron said. Me, Shawn, and Kate all said â€Å"ok†. But then it went even further â€Å"you have to do it tomorrow on Friday the 13th. We all agreed that was a crazy idea considering no soul has ever gotten within ten feet of that house and lived to tell the story. Maybe a ghost took them away. Maybe the ugly tattered green and yellow worn shades blinded them, maybe the howling wolf whenever somebody walked by did the trick. We all said that we would meet back up here tomorrow after school got out to discuss the matter, after all it was only Thursday. When I got home my mom asked me â€Å"Austin it is midnight and you have school tomorrow where were you at† I smiled and lied â€Å"I was just hanging out at Ron’s house mom. † â€Å"Ok† she snapped, â€Å"just don’t be late again on a school night†. â€Å"Sorry, mom. Oh yeah, mom can I spend the night at Ron’s house tomorrow? I asked. â€Å"yes, I will take you over there when I get off work. † This morning I got up and went to school. Then we all met at the haunted house to discuss who was going to do it. Kate and I agreed to it and Ron said he would join, but Shawn didn’t want anything to do with it. â€Å"Come on you big baby! † Ron said. Then Shawn said â€Å"No, I would rather live past the age of 15! †, then he ran home and now he is probably playing Xbox 360. We all brought bats and racquets to protect ourselves. Okay we were going in. I was in front of the pack. I didn’t look scared but I was just trying to stand tall and be a good leader for my friends. When we got to the steps we could hear the many mice below it. By now Kate was already crying. â€Å"Keep calm Kate. † I said, â€Å"I won’t let anything happen to you. † She quieted down and we headed in. Right when I got through the door I felt the thickly woven spider webs on my face. I saw a huge group of black widows crawling towards us. I started swinging trying to protect my friends and most of all me. We killed most of the fist sized ones then we proceeded to the kitchen where we found snakes coiled around everything. I could smelled their reptilian skin and its sliminess. We slowly backed away and decided we would head upstairs and find where all of us would sleep. We found one room that was relatively clean and one that seemed to be in perfect condition, as if someone had recently lived here. Ron told us that he had to go to the bathroom and we said we would protect the door. Ten minutes later we hadn’t heard a peep from him so we went in. He was nowhere to be seen. â€Å"Guys. † We heard a voice beneath us yell â€Å"look under the rug, it’s amazing down here. We lifted up the rug and found a secret passage. It looked like it was supposed to be an old fashion garbage shoot. We slid down and to our surprise we were in a room filled with treasure. We all filled our pockets and made our way back to the room. We then realized someone else must’ve found the gold and was living here, if this was the case we had to get out before the treasure hunter came back and found us stealing. We went home and showed our parent what we found they took it to the bank and got millions. Mom you never go back to that terrible job anymore. We all moved into the â€Å"haunted house† and lived there for the rest of our lives.

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