Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Movie Winnie Mandela Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Winnie Mandela - Movie Review Example A terrorist also depicts a person using terror, intimidation, and violence to achieve an end. The presence of different definitions and understanding of terrorism depicts several levels of complexities in terrorism. The study aims at reviewing the levels of complexities in the film, Winnie Mandela that aimed at expounding the role played by Winnie Mandela in the fight for South Africa’s fight for freedom. There are several ways in which the film, Winnie Mandela portrays terrorism with the definition evident from watching the film being the use of violence or threat of violence to achieve an end. One of the designations of terrorism evident in the film, Winnie Mandela, is violence against others as a measure of achieving a cause. This is evident when Winnie Mandela played by Jennifer Hudson perpetrates violence against opponents. The implication of Winnie Mandela of a teenager’s murder is a designation of terrorism since the main reason for the murder is to send a message to dissenters and informers who would face death and other forms of violence. The film provides that terrorism involves the use of violence to achieve a cause, which in the case of Winnie was to oppose the government through using violence against those who opposed her and the Mandela United Football Club. The use of violence in the achievement of the aim evidences terrorism as aimed at achieving the intended aim using all means necessary. The statement, â€Å"with our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country†, depicting the use of old tires on informants’ necks and burning them alive depicts violence. Terrorism is also designated as an act of defiance aimed at achieving the goals designed despite the consequences. The film uses the actions of Winnie Mandela to depict defiance through her decision to engage in violence against her deserters. The decision is contrary to the requirements and believes of her husband Nelson Mandela and is well

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